"Happily Imperfect" exhibition

Burlesque Bodypainting

Artist: Piera Manidiplotter Di Maio
Assistant: Melissa Urbano
Model: Crazy Cat
Fotographer: Valentino Brunelli

Crazy Cat does burlesque and doesn't want her scar to be retouched in stage photos. In fact, she exposes it on stage as a witness to a journey of rebirth, acceptance, and awareness. This photographic exhibition was born from here in 2019, featuring 15 shots that tell a project called "Happily Imperfect" created by three artists: photographer Valentino Brunelli, body painter Piera ManidiPlotter (with assistant Melissa Urbano), and burlesque performer Crazy Cat as the model.
The "Happily Imperfect" project aims to value the scar that a tumor has left on her abdomen and... above all, inside herself... how? By making it the protagonist in a body painting performance immortalized by the shots of a camera: before, during, and after. Naked BEFORE the decoration, DURING the artistic production of body painting, and AFTER, when everything ends under the shower to tell the transience, the ephemeral, the moment of... a brushstroke of color on the skin, a burlesque performance, a life.


Decorator and Bodypainter, Piera Di Maio, aka ManidiPlotter, founded the Face&Body Painting House in Bologna in 2015, a "refuge of Art" where she hosts new talents and world-famous artists. She was second in the Italian Lovers category in 2018 and fourth in the world with Alla Krasnowa in the Airbrush category in 2019. Her passion for the art of painted bodies will take her to Texas in 2020, where she has been selected as a participant in the international competition "Beyond The Canvas". Her motto: "What cannot be changed, can always be colored.”


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