Crazy Cat was born in Venice, crazy and mysterious like its unique city.
A versatile artist, she trained in acting classical and modern dance, and even belly dancing.
She is an animal on stage... adrenaline addicted! She fell in love with burlesque in 2013.
Since then, she has been a burlesque performer, pin-up model, body painting and painting model, burlesque teacher, and burlesque therapy instructor with the "Scars Inside and Out" project, making the most of her experience...
The watchword: Sensuality, irony, and self-irony... Acceptance of our flaws and always overcoming our limits!

Learn the art...

Since 2013, she has been studying and training through courses, workshops, and internships with various artists:
- Today-2015 workshops and internships with Albadoro Gala, Nuit Blanche, Russell Bruner, Ruby Joule, Sweet Pepper, Lady Wildflower, Wonderful Ginger, Candy Rose, Sophie D'Ishtar, Vanille Bon Bon, Black Pearl, Betty Crispy, Milena Bisacco, Jiminy Cricket, Bianca Nevius, Teresa Rugo,...
- 2019-2018 Silk Ribbon Burlesque Academy in Treviso
- 2018 Burlesque Art Academy at the Micca Club in Rome
- 2018-2013 Burlesque Dance with Laura McKean

and don't put it aside...


- From 2013 to 2018, she performed Burlesque Dance in the Red Sugar group led by Laura McKean, with whom she won the Burlesque Group Contest in 2016 and 2017 at DIF-DanzaInFiera in Florence.

- Since 2015, she has been performing as a solo performer in Italy at exceptional venues and theaters, including Teatro Marrucino in Chieti, Hamlet Teatro in Rome, Conventicola degli Ultramoderni in Rome, Teatro Fellini in Cinecittà Rome, Nasty Boy in Treviso, TalentShow in Venice, Al Vapore Jazz Club in Marghera, Personal Café in Marcon (VE), Tacco11 in Spinea (VE), Teatro Bersaglieri in Spinea (VE), Teatrò in Abano Terme (PD), Hotel Michelangelo in Mestre-Venice, Ca' della Nave Golf Club in Martellago (VE), San Leonardo Library (TV), House Show in Roncade (TV), Gotan Venice Club in Mirano (VE), Fattiditango in Venice, Officina del Gusto in Mestre, Osteria al Portego in Cittadella (PD), Grand Hotel Terme & SPA in Montegrotto Terme (PD), Spirito in Ferrara, Dragonfly in Salzano (VE), ...


- Since 2016, she has been active in the Tacco12 collective, with which she organizes events and performances (Facebook: @tacco12burlesque).
- In 2018, she founded the La Burlescose collective, with which she organizes events and performances.
- Starting in 2019, she has collaborated on various projects, including "Galà Rosa ANDOS" by Betty Blonde in the Rovigo area and "Donne sull'orlo" by Dory Dubois in the Padua area.

Contests and festivals

- Since 2016, she has participated in various Burlesque Contests in Italy, including the Contest Burlesque-DanzaInFiera in Florence, the Concorso Vintage Circus&Burlesque in Abano Terme (PD), Funny Burlesque Contest in Pordenone, Bologna Burlesque Festival, Ferrara Burlesque Festival, "That's Amore Burlesque Festival" in Rome, Burlesque Fight Night in Ferrara, and more.
- In 2020, she won third place at the Concorso Vintage Circus&Burlesque in Abano Terme.
- In 2018, she won third place in the Solo Classic category at the Contest Burlesque 2018 at DIF-DanzaInFiera in Florence.

Courses and workshops

- Since 2018, she has been teaching Burlesque. She taught at the "Fatti di Tango" tango school in Venice under the guidance of Maestro Giuseppe Scarparo. Starting in 2019, she began teaching at the "Gotan Venice Club" tango school in Mirano under the instruction of Maestro Miguel Angel Zotto. In 2021, she expanded her teaching to include Palextra gym in Venice.

Special projects

- Since 2017, she has been involved in a Burlesque Therapy project for women dealing with "Scars Inside and Out," drawing from her own experiences to support them...

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