music: Nothing else matters by Postmodern Jukebox

A precious stage costume that recalls the peacock. An act on vanity, or rather on the most important person that we all must love, which is ourselves.

The Lady and the Butterflies

music: The Magic Flute by Mozart

To the notes of Mozart's amusing piece Papageno Papagena, a delicate and playful Venetian lady of the '700 chasing after butterflies... but it's so hot!

Lili Marlene... Dietrich

music: Lili Marlene by Hans Leip

A tribute to Marlene Dietrich, one of the greatest and most refined stars of Hollywood, with the song that best represents her in time, "Lili Marlene." A dive into the 1930s. One night, the light of a street lamp, a woman in a tuxedo, a top hat... will only that remain?

Crazy Snowhite

music: Feeling good by Michael Bublè (with intro from the original movie by Walt Disney)

An act that immerses us in a fairy tale, THE fairy tale par excellence: Snow White! At first glance, a shy and delicate Snow White, but she turns out to be spicy and irreverent... in short, Crazy!


music: Est-ce que tu m'aimes? by Maître Gims

The watchword is "contamination": a song with ethnic rhythms but sung in French by a migrant African artist, a performance that blends classical oriental dance steps with burlesque, a strictly belly dance dress with some out-of-the-ordinary feathers and the inevitable high heels. Crazy Cat transforms into an odalisque in an Oriental dream.


music: Mix “La danza dei cavalieri” from “Romeo e Giulietta” by Prokofiev and “Party like a Russian” by Robbie Williams

Bad... as bad as only fairy tale witches can be. Beautiful and bad... Maleficent, everything about her is black, including her soul, wings, and clothes. A performance that starts out haughty and unsettling but evolves because every character wants to strip off the clothes they wear... even in the literal sense of the term.

No smoking

music: Harlem nocturne by Earle Hagen (arrangement by Pete Thomas)

Harlem Nocturne, a classic jazz music piece, a 1930s club. A sophisticated lady... annoyed because she is not allowed to smoke. A tribute to the back: the sensuality that turns its back to the world and looks ahead.

The enchantment

music: Mix “I put a spell on you” performed by Annie Lennox and Nina Simone

A witch, a woman, a magic potion, and a spell that will bewitch you. Annie Lennox and Nina Simone sing: "I put a spell on you... because you're mine!" But she is the spell, Crazy Cat.

Crazy circus

music: Mix “Entry of the Gladiators” by Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus Band and Circus & Clowns Music Montage

A suitcase full of surprises and fantasy... An explosion of colors for a sexy and ironic clown who plays with the classic elements of burlesque. Crazy Cat can only perform in a Crazy Circus!

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